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Destinations by continent

South America

South America Banner.jpg
South America Earth : South America South America Nestled between the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the South Atlantic Oceans, South America is the wilder of the Americas, and a continent of…

North America

North America Banner.jpg
North America Earth : North America North America North America is one of two continents named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, with a surface area of 24,221,490km² (9,351,969 square…

Middle East

Middle East Banner.jpg
Middle East Earth : Asia : Middle East Middle East Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem The Middle East is a region in western Asia and north-eastern Africa. The term was created by British military…


Europe Banner.jpg
Europe Earth : Europe Europe Europe encompasses an area of 10,180,000km² (3,930,000 square miles), stretching from Asia to the Atlantic, and from Africa to the Arctic. European countries welcome more…

Central America

Central America Banner.jpg
Central America Earth : North America : Central America Central America Central America is the thin section of land that links the North American continent with the South American continent.…


Caribbean Banner.jpg
Caribbean Earth : North America : Caribbean Caribbean Sunset on Montserrat The islands of the Caribbean Sea or West Indies are an extensive archipelago in the far west of the Atlantic Ocean, mostly…


Asia Banner.jpg
Asia Earth : Asia Asia Asia is too massive and diverse to conceptualize as a single digestible travel "destination". Even defining the borders of this continent is difficult - from the mountains…


Africa Banner.jpg
Africa Earth : Africa Africa Africa has 54 sovereign countries—the most on any continent—and is the second largest continent in terms of both land area and population. Africa is bounded by the…

Our featured TOURS

Norway 7 Days
France 6 Days
Germany 2 Hours
San Francisco
USA 3 Days


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